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Oak Environmental Inc.

Remediation Solutions - Soil Venting

Oak Environmental's regenerative vacuum/blower units (VAC-R) are carefully designed for today's soil venting requirements. These quiet and dependable VAC-R units are ideally suited for use in sensitive areas where in-situ treatment is preferred. We have VAC-R units for:

  • vapour extraction
  • soil remediation
  • landfill degassing
  • aeration
  • radon removal
  • bio-remediation

VAC-R unit features:

  • Rugged industrial-duty type, designed for continuous operation
  • Impeller, housing, cover and manifold cavity are manufactured from aluminum alloy, inherently resistant to corrosion and sparking
  • VAC-R units are CSA-approved for hazardous location operation


  • Extract or control vapours, reducing or preventing migration into sensitive areas
  • Control or recover fugitive hydrocarbons at leak sites
  • Assist in early leak detection so product losses may be detected and controlled
  • Monitor the effectiveness of remedial measures being taken
  • Provide oxygen enhancement for bio-remediation
  • Aerate sludges or liquids

Diagram of VAC-R Unit Usage

Specifications (typical 1 hp):

Maximum flow rate:2.8 m3/min (98 cfm)
Maximum pressure:1,250 mm wc (50 in wc)
Weight:55 kg (120 lbs)
Inlet and outlet fittings:50 mm (2 in)
Power requirements:120 volt, 12 amp, 1 ph. or 240 volt, 6 amp 1 ph.

Standard Equipment (typical 1 hp):

  • Vacuum/pressure gauge
  • Inlet filter
  • Manual electrical disconnect
  • Elapse-time hour meter
  • Weather-proof lockable aluminum enclosure
  • Lifting handles

Units available in sizes from one-third to thirty hp single and three phase.

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