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Remediation Solutions - Skimmers

These skimmers incorporate an oleophilic membrane, which separates floating hydrocarbons from water and leaves the water behind. It has no moving parts, responds to fluctuating water tables without manual adjustment and is maintenance-free.


  • Fits in 2 inch monitoring wells, larger recovery wells, 45 gallon storage drums and waste tanks.
  • Easily transferred between wells.
  • Changes NOT required for various types of hydrocarbon recovery.
  • No external pumps of electrical infrastructure required.
  • Water-free operation collects non-emulsified hydrocarbons without water.
  • PVC and brass construction.

Three borehole sizes available:

RSS-25 Skimmer / 2" (50 mm) (A)
RSS-50 Skimmer / 3" (100 mm) (B)
RSS-75 Skimmer / 4" (150 mm) (C)

Remedial Support Skimmer Diagram

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