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Oak Environmental is a "one-stop shop" for all your field supply needs. Choose from our competitively priced inventory of common supplies and consumable products or let our knowledgeable staff source just the right product for your requirements. Let Oak take care of all your field supply needs - quickly and affordably.

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Field Sampling Equipment - bailers, nylon rope, Waterra supplies, footvalves, filters, surge blocks, syringes, tubing, hose, Tedlar bags, purge pumps, water filters, SKC filters, RAE tubes, Quantabs, pH strips, sample bags, pails, drums, and more.

Calibration Supplies - calibration gas and kits, bump gas kits, regulators, calibration solutions, Alconox or Liqui-Nox cleaning solution, and more.

Safety Supplies - nitrile gloves, Tyvek suites, reflective vests, vehicle strobe lights, PPE (hand, head, eye, and respiratory protection), spill kits barricade tape, drum labels, and more.

Monitoring Well Materials - PVC and stainless steel casing, screens, well caps, pipe fittings, J-plugs, lockable and bolt down casings, locks, drive points, bentonite powder/chips/pellets, sand, filter geo-socks, well slugs, quick links, cable, crimps, inflatable borehole packers, centralizers, wire well brushes, and more.

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