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Remediation Solutions

Our philosophy at Oak Environmental has always focused on providing both effective and cost competitive solutions for our customer's environmental challenges. Much of the equipment we develop and market was designed in response to unique challenges faced by one or more of our clients. Our innovative and open-minded approach to finding solutions often leads us to realize that existing technology applied in a new way is be the best approach. Whether it is our Slim Hole Piston (SHP) Pump System or our Remedial Passive Skimmer Unit, the equipment is only as good as the results it provides for our clients.

Oak is experienced in designing, manufacturing and servicing site remediation, water and vapour treatment systems. These systems include: air sparging, air stripping, oil-water separators, passive and active skimmers, contaminant recovery, soil venting and solar soil venting, vapor extraction recovery, pumping systems and activated carbon vessels.

Oak can also assist you with the selection and supply of in-situ remediation technologies used for enhanced natural attenuation, biological or chemical remediation. The technologies available range from chemical amendments (i.e. oxidation chemicals, nutrients, surfactants, etc.) to gas diffusion devices and bio-remediation barriers.

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Soil Venting
Contaminant Recovery
Air Sparging
In-situ Remediation

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