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Oak Environmental has over 20 years of experience helping customers select the right equipment and instruments for their needs. Whether you're looking for air, water or soil sampling instruments, dewatering pumps, water wells, or specialty instruments for geotechnical or weather monitoring, our wide range of quality equipment and in-depth industry knowledge makes Oak a "one-stop shop".

Same-day shipping is available on our wide range of in-stock equipment or we will gladly place special orders. All our equipment sales are followed up with knowledgeable customer support, equipment maintenance and calibration services.

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GAS DETECTION - Portable or fixed, single or multi-gas monitors for personal protection, confined space entry, or industrial hygiene. For combustible, hydrocarbon and/or toxic gases.

WATER QUALITY - WATER SAMPLING - Water quality sampling equipment for laboratory or field application; single parameter or multi-parameter metres; accessories such as replacement probes and flow-through cells, etc.

WATER MONITORING - Equipment for surface or ground water (in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, down hole monitoring wells, aquifers, water wells, pipes or sewers). Manual or automated datalogging instruments for measuring flow, pressure or water levels.

AIR SAMPLING - Instrumentation for continuous or discrete air quality monitoring of particulates, dust, mold, hazardous gas, etc.

SOIL SAMPLING - A wide range of soil sampling equipment for all soil types - complete kits, dutch augers, core samplers, sieves, sample bags, core boxes, etc.

PUMPS - For all your pumping needs - water supply, environmental remediation, purging, dewatering, sampling, transfer pumps, yield and draw down aquifer testing.

MISCELLANEOUS - We can source any type of equipment you need, including weather stations, generators, multi-level ground water sampling systems, discrete or low flow sampling systems, noise or sound level meters, telemetry systems, lead paint analyzers, and more.


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