Oak Environmental Inc.

Corporate History

When originally incorporated in 1985, Oak Environmental Inc. was named Oak Environmental Equipment Supply to reflect the company's focus on manufacturing and distributing environmental equipment and materials. At that time, much of the monitoring and remediation equipment was imported from the United States as it was unavailable from Canadian manufacturers. Oak's products were welcomed into the marketplace and as demand increased, the company developed and manufactured a complete line of soil venting and vapour extraction equipment, as well as product recovery and total fluids extraction systems.

Oak negotiated alliances with several U.S. manufacturers and became a Canadian distributor for the ORS line of equipment, Marine Moisture Control products, and Ametek/Rotron Regenerative blowers and vacuum units. We currently supply products from a growing list of reputable international manufacturers (i.e. Van Essen Instruments, Heron, Davis Instruments, Grundfos, Global Water, Monoflex, Masterflex, SKC, RST Instruments, Westbay, Spohr, Thermo Electron, GasTech, BW Technologies, ClearTech, Geotech Environmental, IPEX, Waterra, FLUTe, Solinst, InVentures, QED, YSI, Regenesis, Adventus, FMC, Oakton, RAE Systems, etc.)

As a result of the growing demand for monitoring and site investigation equipment, Oak's rental business has expanded to include a full range of gas detection and monitoring equipment, water quality equipment, hydrocarbon detection probes, and soil sampling equipment.

In 1998, Oak dedicated research resources to developing the first solar-powered remediation equipment and currently has several installations operating. The results have been very encouraging. Further research has resulted in the development of a solar-powered submersible pump motor, which we hope can be packaged with standard submersible pumps to assist developing countries with potable water supplies.

Oak is proud of its position as a preferred supplier to the environmental market and we are still growing. We are expanding our product lines and our expertise to include the hydrogeological, geotechnical and mining industries. We believe our commitment to exceptional service is the key to our on-going success and will continue to be our goal for the future.


"Working Today for a Better Tomorrow."

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