Oak Environmental Inc.

Equipment - Water Quality - Water Sampling

Oak Environmental supplies a full range of water-quality instruments for field and laboratory applications. We stock rugged single and multi-parameter instruments for monitoring pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, ORP, temperature, and pressure.

Oak also supplies and repairs accessories for a wide range of equipment including replacement probes, calibration and storage solutions, battery chargers, flow-through cells, and carrying cases.

We provide technical specifications and product pricing for the following leading manufacturers: WTW, YSI, Horiba, Oakton, Hanna, Hach, Heron Instruments, LaMotte, Orbeco, Orion, In-Situ, Solinst, Schlumberger, and more.

Same-day shipping is available on all our in-stock equipment. Non-stock items will be expedited as per your instructions.

Please contact us for your equipment needs at (403) 250-9810 or e-mail info@oakenviro.com

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