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Equipment - Water Monitoring

Oak Environmental provides equipment for surface and ground water monitoring. Ranging from simple water-level tape measures to sophisticated remote telemetry monitoring systems, we provide equipment for measuring flow, pressure, and water level. Our manual and automated datalogging instruments have wide-ranging applications - everything from streams and lakes to wells, pipes, and sewers. Other monitoring technologies available include sonic well meters, ultra sonic instruments, vibrating wire instruments, multilevel groundwater monitoring systems, and acoustic depth sounders.

Oak also supplies accessories such as borehole inflatable packers, well tag lines, hydrogeological testing slugs, monitoring well supplies, and electrical submersible pumps.

We provide technical specifications and product pricing for the following leading manufacturers: Schlumberger Diver, Solinst Levelogger, Heron, In-Situ TROLL, On-set HOBO, INW, Global Water, Ravensgate, Geotech Environmental, Durham Geo, Testwell, RST Instruments, Spohr, Schlumberger, SeaMetrics, Neptune, GPI, and more.

Same-day shipping is available on all our in-stock equipment. Non-stock items will be expedited as per your instructions.

Please contact us to discuss your equipment needs at (403) 250-9810 or e-mail info@oakenviro.com.

We can offer long-term leasing or lease-to-own equipment packages.

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