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Resource Page

This page contains links and specifications for some of the equipment and materials we carry. Contact us HERE if you require information on equipment or supplies you don\'t see here.

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Gas Detection Equipment

RKI Eagle

RKI Eagle II with PID

RKI GX 2009 Four Gas Monitor

Ion Tiger Photo Ionization Detectors

Rae Systems Photo Ionization Detectors

Water Quality Equipment

YSI 556

YSI Pro Plus

WTW Instruments

Water Sampling

Masterflex Peristaltic Pump

12 Volt Waterra Sampling Pumps

Turbidity Meter

Water Level/Pressure Transducers

VanEssen Diver

VanEssen Diver Office Download

Solinst Levelogger Edge

Solinst Levelogger Software Download

Air Quality Instruments

SKC Sampling Pump

Defender Calibrator


Monoflex Bailers

Waterra FHT Filters

Waterra Foot Valves

Nitrile Gloves

Kuri Tec Tubing 1/2" x 5/8"

Purge Pump Tubing

Masterflex Tubing

Quantabs Low Range

Quantabs High Range

pH Strips

OXY D Fuse

Tedlar Bags

Testwell Plugs


Passive Diffusion Samplers

Pig Monitoring Socks

Calibration Solutions

Whatman Filter Paper

Imhoff Cones

Above Grade Casings

Well Locks

Locking Well Caps

Bentonite Products

Filter Sand Products

Slotted/Threaded PVC Pipe

Well Pumps

Weather Stations

Survey Stakes and Flags

PVC Fittings

Service Boxes

Inclinometer Casing

Wastewater Drums

Bailer Twine

PVC Pails


Drive Points

Internal Pipe Cutters

Dutch Augers

Many, many more products available.  For pricing you can click HERE or send an email to


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